About us

The Frenetic Sportswear

Our company is a European fitness sportwear company, the corporate center is in Hungary. We’ve been on the market since 1999.

Our products are available in numerous countries in Europe and we could proudly say that we have so many satisfied partners and customers over there. Our products are very popular and our sales are growing steadily year after year.

We specialize in fitness sportswear in the premium category, but our price is very moderate. We strive to stay within middle range. Our style is very energetic, fresh and colorful, but we also have the classic style and colours as well. Our sportswear are extremely comfortable and long lasting products. We use the LYCRA SPORT dry-fit technology and we are constantly working on new technological processes.

Our designers are highly qualified, and recognized professionals in Europe. We use only high quality materials, exclusively from Italy. Our sewings are in the European Union. We work in the concept of FAIR TRADE.

We sell basic collection products that is available continuously and we make 4-6 new collection annually.

After the European market we started to establish our distribution center in the United States. We believe that our nearly 20 years experience in this industry and our high quality products can count on great success among the American customers as well.